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Past updates to the site


January 2002,

Tombs of the Theban Nobles (tomb list update - 12 tombs added to list)

Userkaf (1st pharaoh of the 5th Dynasty)

TT192 - tomb of Kheruef (Steward of Amenhotep III)

Missing Royal tombs (a checklist of tombs yet to be located)

TT181 - tomb of Ipuki and Nebamun (Theban tombs of the Nobles)

December 2001,

4 new links added


8th October 2001,

New Desktop Picture added


1st October 2001,

tomb of Queen Hetepheres (mother of Khufu - 4th Dynasty)

New link added

The mummy of an unknown man found in the royal mummy cache of TT320 - buried alive?

2nd July 2001,

2 new links added

18th June 2001,

Tuthmosis IV(18th Dynasty)

Putting the Face of Khafre back on the Great Sphinx

New Desktop Picture (Khafre's face on Great Sphinx)

Tomb of Sennefer - TT96 (Theban tombs of the Nobles)

11th June 2001,

Ankhesenamun, wife of Tutankhamun, daughter of Akhenaten

Theban tombs of the Nobles, list of tombs updated

New picture added (desktop pictures)

Sacred animal tombs

Animal burials at Saqqara (as well as their discovery and the story of the priest Hor)

Sphinx Dream Stela of Tuthmosis IV (18th Dynasty)

28th May 2001,

Theban tomb of Amenemheb (Tombs of the Nobles) reigns of Tuthmosis III / Amenhotep II

Decoration of the burial chamber of Amenhotep II (Valley of the Kings)

Bes (dwarf god)

21st May 2001,

Evolution of tombs in ancient Egypt (page updated)

Onuris (Anhur) (solar god)

Amenhotep II (18th Dynasty)

The Workmen's village of Akhetaten / Amarna (Amarna Section)

14th May 2001,

Evolution of tombs in ancient Egypt (page just started)

New picture added to Desktop pictures

 Egypt - Extra

I'm in the process of adding extra pages to some of the pages on the site - the aim is to help provide sources of further information if you wish to investigate certain areas more fully.

When you see the image on the left - CLICK IT !

(for information about general ancient Egypt sources click it now)


7th May 2001,

Tomb of three Syrian Princesses / wives of Tuthmosis III (18th Dynasty)

Userhat, TT56 (Theban tombs of the Nobles)

16th April 2001,

The Land of Nubia - Egypt's southern neighbour

The tomb of Menkheperreaseneb -(Theban tombs of Nobles) - reign of Tuthmosis III

The General Djehuty, his capture of Joppa and his tomb - reign of Tuthmosis III

9th April 2001,

Tuthmosis III (18th Dynasty)

The Annals of Tuthmosis III (Text of Tuthmosis III's campaigns from the Temple of Karnak)

KV34 The tomb of Tuthmosis III in the Valley of the Kings

Anen Chief Seer of Re, brother to Queen Tiye (page updated!)

2nd April 2001,

Pentu - Chief Physician of Akhenaten

KV60 - tomb of Hatshepsut's wet nurse, and possible location of Hatshepsut's mummy? (Valley of the Kings)

Feedback form added Let me know what you think!

The Cliff tomb of Queen Hatshepsut (18th Dynasty)

26th March 2001,

Hatshepsut (18th Dynasty)

Senenmut (courtier of Hatshepsut

Parennefer (Steward of Akhenaten) - Page updated!

Animal Cults Page updated!

Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut

19th March 2001,

Tutu - Chamberlin of Akhenaten (Page Updated!)

2 new links added

Burial in ancient Egypt

12th March 2001,


(desktop) picture added

2 links added

TT81 - tomb of Ineni (Theban tombs of the Nobles)

6th March 2001,

Tuthmosis II

KV42 - Valley of the Kings