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Chief Physician to the King

The Chief Physician to the King,

Tomb 5 at Akhetaten, scenes showing decoration of the Aten temple. Also has praise of Akhenaten 'the god who fashions mankind, and who makes the Two Lands live'.

Pentu after Akhenaten

Pentu is one of the few officials from the reign of Akhenaten who appears to have survived the 'anti-Aten' backlash and continues in government under the service of Tutankhamun. It is thought that Pentu became the Southern Vizier during the reign of Tutankhamun and is even (possibly!) shown in Tutankhamun's tomb as part of the team which is pulling Tutankhamun's coffin towards his tomb.

It is thought that Pentu must have had close ties with Ay, and was by using this relantionship and Ay's link to royalty that Pentu was able to continue in office.