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Other Titles: The King's Cup Bearer, Washer of the King's Hands, Chief Craftsman, Overseer of All the Works in the Mansion of the Aten

Parennefer was most likely responsible for the great new shrine that was built at Karnak, he was a 'Royal Butler' and Overseer of the Prophets of All the Gods (he was in charge of all temple offerings to the Aten. He was also one of the men responsible (besides Akhenaten himself) for implementing the new 'Amarna art style'.

(Son of Aupia - Chief Craftsman of Amenhotep III)

The Tomb of Parennefer (tomb number 7 at Akhetaten - *** although he was actually buried at Thebes - TT188)

This tomb's main point of interest is the scenes showing Parennefer being rewarded by Akhenaten with the standard gold collars.