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Workmen's Village

City of Akhenaten

 The homes of the men who actually built the city of Akhetaten - there were 64 regular houses held within an enclosure (in a very similar design to the workmen village at Deir el-Medina which housed the tomb workers for the Valley of the Kings). In the village five streets ran from north to south, while two streets ran east-west, entrance was through a gate in the south wall. The houses were built from mud-brick, although some stone and wood was used.

Excavation of the site has revealed that the village was occupied into the reign of Tutankhamun, the workers perhaps were responsible not only for building of the city and its tombs but also in its dismantling after the royal court moved back to Thebes and Memphis. (A second workman's village also existed at Akhetaten, this is called the 'Stone Village').

Houses consisted of four rooms;

entrance hall (this could also be used for holding cattle or as a general work area)

main living quarters (small windows provided light)

bedroom (also used as a storeroom)

Kitchen (oven, open hearth and an area for grinding wheat)

the rooms were whitewashed or could be decorated with frescoes, a staircase would give access to the roof (the staircase could be in any room).

map of the workmen village