Three mummies:

'Elder woman' - Height of the body: 1.455 metres

the body was of a middle aged woman, with long curled dark brown hair (her natural hair colour). Her identity was finally revealed when the hair was matched to a locket of Queen Tiye's hair found in Tutankhamun's tomb (although some question this identification - other nominations are abound!)


Mummy of a Prince - Height of the body: 1.242 metres

nothing is known of the identity of the body - the method of embalming dates it to the 18th dynasty. The age at death was probably 9 or 10, he is shaven apart from the traditional 'side lock of youth'. Various suggestions have been made about his identity: 'Prince Ouabkhousenou' (son of Amenhotep II), or Prince Thuthmose (eldest son of Amenhotep III and Tiye) - because of the mummy's position next to the mummy of Tiye.


Unknown Woman - Height of body: 1.580 metres

Badly damaged by tomb robbers - the chest has been smashed, the left side of the mouth torn away and the right arm broken off just below the shoulder. Like the other two mummies in this group, there have been attempts to identify her (possibly belonging to the family of Amenhotep II, or Queen/ Princess Sitamun - daughter of Amenhotep III and Tiye).