brother to Akhenaten

The elder brother of Amenhotep IV, Prince Tuthmosis, had enjoyed splendid prospects whilst still a small boy - he was officially recognised as the heir to Amenhotep III and so held the titles of Governor of Memphis and High Priest of Ptah (the god of Memphis).
However, the young Tuthmosis was not destined to become king - he died while still fairly young, the few objects which survive are a small stone sarcophagus that the young prince buried his pet cat in (called Puss), and an ivory whip (which was later found in Tutankhamun's tomb).

 Relief of Prince Thuthmosis, probably from Saqqara

Height 37cm

Width 53cm


 Prince Thuthmosis on a bier, probably from Memphis

Height 4.9cm

Width 10.5cm

Inscriptions on the body and bier read "The King's son, the sem-priest Thuthmose, the justified".