The Tomb of Takelot I


 Takelot's sarcophagus lay in the third chamber of the tomb of Osorkon II, Takelot's chamber, like other burials in Osorkon II's tomb, had been plundered in ancient times. A few tiny fragments of gold left on the bottom of the sarcophagus show that Takelot's gold mask was divided between the robbers while it was still in the tomb. All but a few pieces of jewellery and amulets were likewise looted from the tomb.

Fortunately the robbers had left the ushabtis - Montet found 365 statuettes in 1939, the most interesting of these are the mummiform overseers. These figures hold whips and batons as well as wearing curled, rounded wigs. An inscription below the hands identify their owner as "Osiris King Takeloth-beloved-of-Amun".

(Height of ushabti - 13.7 cm)


The sarcophagus which held Takelot I originally dates (like the Canopic chest of Osorkon II) to the 12th or 13th Dynasties.


Who was Takelot I ?