Takelot I

(note this spelling cannot be guaranteed!)


 Following the death of Osorkon I (shortly after the death of the co-regent Shoshenq II) the throne passed to Takelot I - a son of Osorkon I by his second queen Tashedkhons.

Takelot's wife (and mother of Osorkon II) was Lady Kapes.

Unfortunately very little is known about the reign of Takelot I, his reign is the least well known of the entire Libyan age, there is no single monument which can identified with him - even cartouche is not without doubt.

All that is known from this reign is that Thebes continued to be ruled by Iuwlot and on his death the reign was continued by his brother Smendes III.

Takelot I was buried at Tanis by his son in a redecorated chamber that possibly originally belonged to King Smendes.

 Inscription on a statuette of Takelot I from Abydos,