The Coffin and mummy of Shoshenq II


The silver coffin of Shoshenq II 

The use of the falcon's face instead of the king's own is something that only occurs on coffins of pharaohs and cartonages of the early 22nd dynasty. Although the decoration on the body follows the standard decorational pattern: A ram headed, vulture-bodied image of the sun-god is followed by winged figures of Isis and Nephthys and then the four sons of Horus. On the feet are the protective kneeling forms of Selqet and Neith.

 A close up of the gold mask that was found on the mummy (see below)



 The silver coffin of Shoshenq just after it had been opened (21 march 1939).

The gold mask is laying on detached fragments of the inlay of a cartonnage (unfortunately decayed due to the humidity).

 The remains of the decomposed mummy - a large collar and scarab can be seen.

Other items found with the burial of Sheshonq II

Who was Sheshonq II?