Sheshonq II



 LEFT: Statue originally dating to the 18th/19th Dynasty, repaired and re-inscribed by the High Priest of Amun Shoshenq - later Shoshenq II (height 48cm)


Towards the end of his reign Osorkon I made his son Shoshenq C, High Priest of Amun, his co-regent. Shoshenq was already in his 50's when he shared his father's throne and adopted the throne name of King Heqakheperre Setepenre, Son of Re, Shoshenq II Beloved of Amun.

However soon after his ascension to the throne Sheshonq II died - his skeleton found in the tombs at Tanis reveals his cause of death: an injury to the head developed into a massive infection, no evidence of healing is found and so he probably died of Septic infection.

Sheshonq II was buried in a magnificent silver coffin, his burial was also found to include many treasures dating from that period.