Pyramid Complex of Amenemhet II

 12th Dynasty

Intact burials

 1 - Tomb of Khnumet and Ita (intact)

2 - Tomb of Itaweret Sathathor

3 - Tomb of Keminub and Amenhotep

Discovery of the tomb by Jacques de Morgan in 1894 / 95:

 During his second season of work at Dahshur (in his first season De Morgan had found the burials of Princess Sithathor and Queen Meret in the pyramid enclosure of Sesostris III), De Morgan found four intact burials - three of which were of royalty.

The illustration of De Morgan is from the 'illustrated London News' and shows the dramatic moment of the discovery of Queen Khnumet's diadem (see below).

The Tombs were at the bottom of deep pits in stone constructions which had to be dismantled before the grave could be entered.

The Burial of Khnumet (daughter of Amenemhet II, Queen of Sesostris II):

"Like Princess Ita's mummy, Princess Khumet's head rested on a round circle of beaten earth. At the neck was a collar formed of gold beads and various signs in gold, encrusted with stones of carnelian, emerald and lapis lazuli. The two ends of the jewel were formed by falcon-heads of solid gold , encrusted with lapis lazuli and carnelian.

Each of the arms was ornamented with three bracelets ....Two, placed near the wrists, were supplied with closures carrying the ankh sign inlaid with lapis lazuli.

The funeral furnishings of this mummy were very resplendent" - Jacques De Morgan


 Khnumet is shown wrapped in her coffin (Left), along with staves and grave goods. To the right are boxes, tables and pottery vessels with offerings

The diadem / floral circlet of Khnumet - showing golden water weeds and flowers 


A golden collar with semi-precious stones, lapis lazuli and pastes

 a more formal crown


Burial of Ita (daughter of Amenemhet II) :-

Objects found include - collar, bracelets, bead apron, swallow amulet, beads and dagger.

A line copy of the sarcophagus of Ita - it is one of the earliest examples of the 'Court type' of coffin - there are no external texts, the only decoration coming from the inlaid eyes and gilded edges.


Burial of Itaweret (daughter of Amenemhet II): -

Objects found include - collar, bracelets, girdle, beads and dagger.

The collar found on the mummy of Itaweret