Amenemhet II


1929 - 1895

 12th Dynasty

Amenemhet II was the son of Sesostris I, and was to reign Egypt for a peaceful 34 years. There appears little to be said about his reign, he continued the work of his father in his foreign relations - there exchanges of gifts between Egypt and the Levant, and jewellery from this period (bearing Amenemhet II's cartouche) has been found in the royal tombs at Byblos in Lebanon. At Tod in Upper Egypt an impressive collection of silver cups, bronze boxes, lapis lazuli amulets from Mesopotamia were found in the Temple of Mont, all thought to be tribute to Amenemhet II. -

During his reign, improvements were also to agriculture and the economy, mining projects and quarrying projects were also pursued.

Inscriptions also point to expeditions to the mysterious land of Punt (Year 28).

The importance of the Faiyum was also noticed (hunting, fishing, agriculture etc), the canal (Bahr Yusuf canal) which leads to the Faiyum from the Nile was enlarged to help irrigation.

 The Pyramid of Amenemhet II

Original Height - unknown

Length of Side ~ roughly 50m

The White Pyramid

Amenemhet II decided to build his pyramid at Dahshur, east of the 4th Dynasty pyramids of Snefru. It was built of limestone (giving it the name of the 'White Pyramid') but over the centuries all the stone has been robbed away - all that remains now is the orignal core of the pyramid, a mound of eroded mud brick. However in 1894-5 Jacques de Morgan excavated at the site and located the tombs of Queen Keminub, Chancellor Amenhotep , Princess Itaweret, Princess Sithathormerit, and the intact tombs of Princess Ita and Princess Khnumet.

 A - Pyramid   D - Remains of funerary temple   G - Tomb of Khnumet and Ita   J - Mastabas from the 3rd Dynasty 
 B - Entrance   E - Tomb of Itaweret Sathathor   H - Enclosure Wall  
  C - Burial Chamber   F - Tomb of Keminub and Amenhotep   I - Ramp