Commander of the Egyptian Army

   The lid of Wendjebaendjed's coffin, originally dates to the end of the 19th / early 20th Dynasty (from the coffin of Amunhotpe).


 The goddess Bastet

(Height 7cm)

Found hanging from a single cord on Wedjebaendjed's breast.


 Pylon-shaped pectoral

(length 9.2 cm)

(on a chain - not shown)

An image of the rising sun, represented by a winged scarab - it raises toward the skies the name of 'The Osiris - Wedjebaendjed'.

Other items from Wedjebaendjed's tomb include:

Gold cup (diameter of 15.5 cm) with the inscription : 'The steward of Khonsu, Prophet of Khonsu, Wendjebaendjed justified'

Footed cup (diameter 13.3 cm) with the inscription : ' The King of Upper and Lower Egypt, lord of the Two Lands, Aakheperre. The son of Re, Lord of crowns, Psusennes. The royal wife, Mistress of the Two Lands, Mutnodjmet'.

Heart Scarab (length 5cm, chain length 80cm) on the underneath of the scarab the inscription: 'The heart of the Osiris King Usermaatre justified belongs to him in the house of hearts, (his) cardiac muscle belongs to him in the house of cardiac muscles. His heart belongs to him and stays within him. He will not eat the cakes of Osiris on the eastern bank of Gay. Your barque climbs upstream but the Osiris King Usermaatre, justified, will not descend into the barque where you are. His mouth belongs to him so that he may speak, his legs belong to him so that he may walk in order to defear his enemies . . .'

Isis figurine (Height 11cm) hung round the neck of Wedjebaendjed on a long gold chain.

Amun's Ram and its shrine - amulet (Ram height - 2.5cm, container 3. cm)

The god Ptah enshrined (total height 6cm) a lapis-lazuli figure of Ptah held in a gold shrine.

Ring - gold with a green stone, engraved with 'the King of Upper and Lower Egypt Psusennes'

Ring - gold with a Lapis-Lazuli, 'a souvenir of Ramesses IX' - on the reverse of the stone can be read 'Neferkare-chosen-of-Re' the name of Ramesses IX

Ring - gold, inscription : 'May offerings be made by the king to Khonsu-the-Great-Neferhotep so that he may grant life, prosperity and health to the Ka of the Steward of Khonsu, the general and commanding officer Wendjebaendjed'.