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 The Ancient Egyptian Site
 The - Egypt: profits of the yesterday-challenges for today (Spanish/English/French)
 Egyptology Resources
 Travellers of 1800 in Egypt  Akhet-Aten homepage
 Theban Mapping Project The Theban Royal Mummy Project 
 Egypt Exploration Society The Bibliography of Ancient Egypt
 Ancient Egyptian Language Discussion List  Nova on-line Pyramids
 The British Museum  Chronologia Egiptu (Polish)
 Ägypten Online (German) Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt
Egypt State Information Service  The Island of Philae
 NebmenkaAton (French)  Akhet (a site looking at the whole of ancient Egyptian religion)
 Amun - The Egyptology Information Exchange  Modern Egyptian Art (Spanish / English)
 North Yorkshire Ancient Egypt Group The Pharaoh Sety (French / English)
 Ankhesenamun, Isis of Tears King
 Tameside Egypt Group Egypt Index (over 500 images of Egypt)
 Gateway to ancient Egypt  Thotweb Egyptology
 Pyramids of Giza & Valley of Kings  Ancient Egypt web directory
 Horemheb  Neferu (German / Spanish)

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Aldred, C; Akhenaten - King of Egypt
Aldred, C; Egyptian Art
Andrews, C; Egyptian Mummies
Baines & Malek; Atlas of Ancient Egypt
Berko, P. & V; Ancient Egypt in 19th Century Painting
Bourriau, J; Pharaohs and Mortals: Egyptian art in the Middle Kingdom
Brier, B; Egyptian Mummies
Brugsch-Bey, H. - Egypt under the pharaohs
Clayton, P.A. - Chronicles of the Pharaohs
Cottrell, L; The Mountains of Pharaoh
Corteggiani, J-P; The Egypt of the Pharaohs at the Cairo Museum
Coutts, H. - Gold of the Pharaohs (catalogue of the exhibition of Treasures from Tanis)
David, R; Discovering Ancient Egypt
David, R & E.; Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt
Davies, V. & Friedman, R; Egypt
Deuel, L. - The treasures of time
Dodson, A; Egyptian Rock-cut Tombs
Dodson, A; JEA Volume 79 1993
Dodson, A. - Monarchs of the Nile
Edwards, A.B; A Thousand Miles up the Nile
Edwards, A.B; Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers
El-Mahdy, C; Tutankhamun
Gardiner, A. - Egypt of the Pharaohs
Grimal, N. - A History of Ancient Egypt
Gros de Beler, A; Pharaohs
Herodotus; The Histories
James, T.G.H; Egypt Revealed
Kazloff & Byran; Egypt's Dazzling Sun
Kemp, B.J; Ancient Egypt - Anatomy of a Civilisation
Kitchen, K.A; Pharaoh Triumphant
Kitchen, K.A. - The Third Intermediate Period in Egypt
Lichtheim, M; Ancient Egyptian Literature
Menu, B; Ramesses the Great
Mertz, B; Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs
Monet, P. - Eternal Egypt
Murray, M. - My first hundred years
Newby, P.H; Warrior Pharaohs
Niwinski, A - JEA volume 70 1984
Partridge, R. - Faces of Pharaohs
Petrie, W.M.F; History of Egypt
Porter, B. & Moss, R.L.B. - Topographical bibliography of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts, reliefs and paintings - The Theban necropolis
Posener, G; Dictionary of Egyptian Civilisation
Reeves, N; The Complete Tutankhamun
Reeves, N & Taylor, J.N; Howard Carter before Tutankhamun
Reeves, N. & Wilkinson; The complete Valley of the Kings
Rice, M; Who's Who in Ancient Egypt
Robins, G; The Art of Ancient Egypt
Samson, J; Nefertiti and Cleopatra
Shaw, I & Nicholson, P; British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt
Shaw, I et al; The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt
Stevenson Smith, W; The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt
Thomas, A.P; Akhenaten's Egypt
Trigger, B.G. - Ancient Egypt, a social History
Tyldesley, J; Nefertiti
Tyldesley, J; Ramesses
Watson, P; Egyptian Pyramids and Mastaba Tombs
Watterson, B; Amarna Egypt's Age of Revolution
Weigall, A; Antiquities of Egypt
Wilkinson, R.H; The Complete Temples of Egypt

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