The Tomb of Amenherkhepeschef

(Son of Ramesses III, the tomb illustrates scenes from 'The Book of Doors', Pharaoh introduces his son who is always show with the side-lock of youth)

tomb no.55



Hall- 1

Winged Maat,

Thoth writing and Ramesses III embraced by Isis,

Ramesses III with Amenherkhepeschef, censing before Ptah

Led by Ptah-Tanen

Led by Duamutf

Led by Imset

Led by Isis

Ramesses III embraced by goddess

Amenherkhepeschef with Ramesses III before a god

Amenherkhepeschef and Ramesses III with incense led by Shu

Ramesses III led by Hepy

led by Kebhsenuf

Amenherkhepeschef and Ramesses III led by Hathor





Entrance wall - Isis on left and Nephthys on the right

Amenherkhepeschef as Inmutf

Book of Gates, guardians and texts, with Ramesses III and Amenherkhepeschef before the guardians of the 7th and 8th Gates.

Book of Gates, Ramesses III and Amenherkhepeschef before guardians of the 5th and 6th Gates.

Guardians and texts, ram-headed guardian of the 6th Gate and Amenherkhepeschef at the 5th Gate,

 Sarcophagus room - 3

Outer lintel - winged uraeri, jambs, texts, Nephthys unfinished.

Sarcophagus, red granite and remains of wooden coffin.