The Tomb of Queen Tyti

tomb no.52




Corridor - 1

Remains of text with titles of deceased

Winged Maat

deceased adoring Ptah in shrine, with sistra before Re-Harakhti, adoring Imset, Duamutf and Isis

Winged Maat kneeling

deceased adoring Thoth, with sistra before Atum, adoring Hepy, Kebhsenuf and Nephthys


Hall -2

Winged Maat

Jackal guardian and lion guardian

Two baboons and monkey with bow

Hememt as vulture, Tueris and full-faced god with knives

Lion-headed Nebnery and Herimaat as nude squatting boy

Deceased with sistra before Imset and Duamutf on left, and with uraeus-sceptres before Hepy and Kebhsenuf on right.

 East-Side Room - 3


deceased as Inmutf each side of entrance

deceased before sons of Horus

Remains of scenes with Osiris


 West-Side Room - 4


Deceased as Horus-Inmutf censing and libating each side of entrance

Three demons and four canopic jars

Souls of Pe and Nekhen, and three demons

deceased adoring tree-goddess with Hathor-cow in mountain





 Inner Room - 5

Winged Uraei

Deceased adoring, each side of entrance

Two registers : (1)Sons of Horus,

(2) Geb, Nut, Nefertem and Harheken all squatting

Two registers: (1) Sons of Horus,

(2) Hu, Sia, Shu and Tefnut - all squatting

Osiris seated with Nephthys and Thoth on the left, Neith and Selkis on the right.