The Tomb of an unknown Queen


tomb no.40




Hall -1

Deceased adores Ptah

Deceased with offerings before kiosk containing Anubis-jackal adored by Nephthys and Isis

Deceased with offerings adoring Hathor-cow on bark in shrine

before Thoth

Deceased adoring Western Hawk on horizon

(on pillars): Horus-Inmutf, Cow-headed Hathor, Anubis with palm, Ptah and Maat in kiosk

 Side Room - 2

Two lion couches with pillows on each side of entrance

Canopic box between two figures of Thoth

Winged Maat between two canopic boxes





 Inner Room - 3

Jackal guardian, lion guardian and two squatting demons

Winged Maat kneeling

Imset, Duamutf, Anubis, Ir-renef-zesef, Isis, Neith, monkey and two baboons in kiosk

Thoth, Isis, Selkis and young Horus

Deceased seated and monkey before shrine, with demons, boats and kiosk containing full-face god, Tueris kneeling and Hememt as vulture