The Tomb of Tutu (tomb number 8 at Akhetaten)

Chamberlin of Akhenaten, he was a Syrian by birth and held considerable power during the reign of Akhenaten - he also held the title of 'First Prophet of the Divine King' and 'The Mouth of the Whole Land' - which indicates that he was a High Priest of Akhenaten's cult.

He was also would have been involved with the cuneiform letters / diplomacy with Egypt's neighbours at the time. After the death of Akhenaten, however, he dissapears.

The interior of Tutu's tomb, and a scene of Akhenaten worshipping the Aten.


Although his tomb remained unfinished, it was clearly meant to be one of the most elaborate tombs at Akhetaten - including a hall of 12 columns, long texts and scenes (showing Tutu being rewarded by the King and then driving home through the cheering crowds).