The Coffin of Tuthmosis I / Pinudjem I

History of the Coffins:

It is thought that the first coffin was originally made for Tuthmosis I, it has been dated to the 18th Dynasty, and was remodelled for the burial of Pinudjem I.

The Second coffin dates to the 21st Dynasty.

Both coffins had been re-used for the burial of Pinudjem I.

The priests appear to have reunited Tuthmosis I with his original coffin, (also re-using the second coffin from Pinudjem I's burial). The priests moved Pinudjem's mummy and re-buried him within the coffin of Queen Ahotep.

The disfiguring marks on the coffin are the results of the gold being scrapped off, probably in modern times (before the discovery of DB320 by archaeologists).



Length of Outer coffin - 2.32 metres

Length of Inner coffin - 2.12 metres

 Who was Tuthmosis I ?

There is some doubt, however, as to whether the mummy found inside this coffin is indeed that of Tuthmosis I - in his book 'After the Pyramids', Aidan Dodson states the problem:

"An early 18th Dynasty mummy that happened to lie in this coffin at the time of its discovery has often been presented as his, but on arm position alone, this cannot be so. Starting with Amenophis I, kings were buried with their arms crossed at the breast; 'Tuthmosis I' has his extended'.

Reconstruction of the wooden coffin of Tuthmosis I usurped by Pinudjem I