Objects from Akhenaten in KV62

Objects in the tomb of Tutankhamun that are linked to Akhenaten and the Amarna Period.

1. Ivory Clappers with the names of Queen Tiye and Meritaten.

These were found on the floor of the Annexe, these are arm shaped clappers that measure just under 16cm in length. The holes at the end of each clapper were intended for the insertion of a cord linking the two together in the same way as castanets, though any noise would of been produced by shaking. Each arm is inscribed on its polished surface with an elongated cartouche with both the names of Queen Tiye and her granddaughter, Meritaten: 'The Great Royal Wife Tiye, may she live; the King's daughter Meritaten'. Why Meritaten and Queen Tiye should have had their names linked together in this way is uncertain, similarly why these clappers are in the tomb of Tutankhamun at all is unknown.

2. A Small Box inlaid with a picture of Nefernefrure. 

A small box lid found in the Antechamber which is inlaid with both the name and image of Nefernefrure, the fifth daughter ofAkhenaten. Although the box itself was not found, the evidence suggests that this lid was originally part of Smenkhkare's burial treasure. (length 10cm).

3. A Dismantled Box.

An inscribed strip from the lid of a dismantled box found at the tomb entrance, carries the cartouched names of Akhenaten and his co-regent Nefernefruaten and that of the great royal wife Meritaten. The contents of the box were mostly found to be various items of linen. An hieratic docket from this white painted wooden box was found in the tomb also.

4. The Ivory Palette of Merytaten.

Length 21.9 cm, Width 2.5 cm, Depth 0. 7 cm.

Two inscriptions in the lower part of this palette show that it was made for the 'Princess Merytaten, daughter of the Great Royal Wife Nefertiti'.

On this palette Merytaten bears the title 'Princess', but due to the fact that her name is not written in a cartouche, this implies that she had not married Akhenaten nor Smenkhkare at the time when this palette was made. If Merytaten was still alive when Tutankhamun died she must of been a widow and if so chosing a gift of a scribe's palette for him seems a little strange. As this palette was not just a scribe's ordinary palette but with the six cavities for paint this palette was a painter's. This was found in the Treasury between the paws of the jackal mounted on a shrine (see below), there is no evidence to show that this position had any special meaning.

5. The Scarf tied around the shoulders of the Anubis dog.

The Treasury was dominated by a large sled-based pylon made from gilded wood upon which lay a life-sized statue of the black Anubis dog (guardian of the Burial Chamber and of the King's canopic equipment). Around the dog's shoulders was wrapped a delicate linen shawl, between the dog's paws was found the ivory palette inscribed for Meritaten and then covering everything was wrapped a linen shirt on which was found an ink inscription with a docket dated to Akhenaten's Year 7.

Ink docket from the linen shirt which was found wrapped around the shoulders of the Anubis figure:

"Year 7 of the Lord of the Two Lands, Nefer (Kheprurewaenre), who gives life every day"

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