Tomb of Sennefer - Mayor of Thebes, Superintendent of the Granaries of Amun, Superintendent of the Cattle of Amun (time of Amenhotep II) - TT96

Sennefer and his wife were hounoured by Amenhotep II who placed a double statue of them both in the temple of Karnak (this is probably in return for Sennefer's service as Mayor of Thebes - a powerful office).

Two wives are shown with Sennefer in his tomb - Senetnay, who was a royal wetnurse, and Meryt.

Scenes from the tomb:

The tomb is entered via a steep tunnel which leads into a small chamber, in here are scenes of Sennefer's servants bringing funeral equipment into the tomb, Sennefer and Senetnay stand to receive them (in one scene their daughter Muttuy, a Songstress of Amun-Ra, also stands with them). Sennefer is also shown entering the Underworld, which a text informs, is after a long and happy old age.

This smaller chamber then enters into a highly decorated chamber:

Above the doorway two jackals represent the necropolis, a prayer to Sennefer requests that 'he may come forth, and go into his temple'.

Sennefer and Meryt sit before a table of offerings presented by a priest, they are they purified with holy water by a priest who wears a leopard-skin:

Sennefer and Meryt cleansed by holy water

Other scenes in the tomb include:

Sennefer seated while Meryt offers him a lotus flower to smell, on the back wall Sennefer and Meryt sit before a table of offerings (note the grape vines painted on the ceiling):

Sennefer and Meryt are also shown offering to Osiris and Anubis, a funeral boat is shown taking them across the Nile for the last time. Sennefer and Meryt are also shown in the Afterlife seated before a sacred tree from of out which Isis appears to them.

 Meryt offers Sennefer two necklaces; the first three amulets (one of which is the Djed column), and Scarab necklace.