Tomb of Menkheperreaseneb (High Priest of Amun, Superintendent of the Gold and silver treasuries, Chief of the Overseers of Craftsmen), time of Tuthmosis III - TT86

18th Dynasty

The decoration of Menkheperreaseneb's mortuary chapel begins with scenes of geese and cattle being led in, next are scenes of differing workshops - chariot makers, men making bows and arrows, vases, cheese boards and various other items being made.

An inscription states that Menkheperreaseneb is "inspecting the workshop of the temple of Amun, the work of the Craftsmen, in real lapis lazuli, and in real malachite".

Further important scenes show people from various countries bringing tribute to the court of Tuthmosis III; Gold being brought by the Superintendent of the Gold-Country of Koptos "The reception of the gold of the highland of Koptos, as well as the gold of Kush".

A long line of Asiatics bring much tribute; vases and ornaments of silver and gold, plumed helmets of bronze, chariots, bows and arrows, weapons, children for slavery and horses, "the Chief of Keftiew, the Chief of the Hittites, the Chief of Tunip and the Chief of Kadesh".

Other final scenes show some harvesting scenes and also a scene of a seated Tuthmosis III (although this scene has been badly damaged). - The rest of the tomb was never completed.