Tomb of Amenemheb (Royal Register, High office in army), time of Tuthmosis III / Amenhotep II - TT85

18th Dynasty

A tomb which gives interesting data on the campaigns of Tuthmosis III (Amenemheb was obviously quite prominent in the fighting):

6th Campaign (of Tuthmosis III) - Amenemheb was present at the capture of Kadesh and captured two nobles of the city (he was rewarded with a lion-shaped ornament, 2 pendants and 4 bracelets).

8th Campaign - Amenemheb captured 3 prisoners at Naharin, near Aleppo he captured 13 men, 70 asses and 13 bronze spears. He captured several prisoners at Carchemish (where he was again rewarded by Tuthmosis III). At Senzara he killed a man in single combat (rewarded with 2 silver rings and some gold objects).

Amenemheb and the elephant hunt of Tuthmosis III

Amenemheb was to receive yet more riches after he saved the life of Tuthmosis III during an elephant hunt organised during the 8th campaign - a large elephant attacked the pharaoh, Amenemheb managed to divert the animal's attention away from the king onto himself - the elephant chased Amenemheb into a river where the soldier was able to hide between two rocks before emerging to cut the elephant's trunk off with his sword (Tuthmosis III rewarded him with gold and 3 sets of clothing to replace the clothes damaged in the rescue attempt).

10th Campaign - Amenemheb captured 3 men after hand-to-hand fighting, Tuthmosis III once more rewards him with 2 gold necklaces, 4 bracelets, 2 fly-shaped pendants, a lion shaped ornament, a male and female slave.

14th Campaign - captured 3 Beduin men

17th Campaign - the first to scale the walls of Kadesh and captured two of the enemy (rewarded with various presents)

Amenemheb and Amenhotep II

After the death of Tuthmosis III, Amenemheb went into retirement, for a short period. While rowing a sacred vessel during a religious festival the new king (Amenhotep II) invited him to the palace, here the king spoke warmly to him:

"I know your character: I was but a fledgling in the nest when you were in my father's retinue. I give you the office of deputy of the army ....... You shall inspect the personal troops of the king"

Amenemheb remained in the service of Amenhotep II until he died.

Decoration of the tomb

Scenes by the entrance of Amenemheb and his wife Bakt holding braziers, then seated before a funeral feast (their son offers bouquets of flowers), guests sit while being entertained by musicians and dancing women.

Amenhotep II presents Amenemheb and Bakt to a deified Tuthmosis III (the dead king being shown as Osiris).

Amenemheb presents two Asiatic prisoners to Tuthmosis III.

Amenemheb fights a large hyena with a stick:

Amenemheb in his official duties shown inspecting soldiers while scribes make lists.

Hunting scenes (netting of birds, spearing of fish.

The final journey of the deceased to the tomb (including the journey of the funeral boats across the Nile, the mummy at the tomb while a priest reads the necessary formulae).