Tomb of Menna - Superintendent of the estates of the King and Amun, Scribe of the estates in the North and the South (mid 18th Dynasty) - TT69

The decoration in the tomb shows that it was obviously painted with great care and skill - but strangely the face of Menna has been erased throughout the tomb (Menna must have made an enemy in life, someone who wished to deny Menna happiness in the afterlife).





Scenes in the tomb:

The first Chamber

1 - Menna and his wife stand before offerings, their relantions offer them flowers and food.

2 - Funeral stela - male and female relatives of Menna and his wife pray on either side.

3 - Relatives of Menna and his wife are shown at a funeral feast in honour of them, while below are shown priests performing funeral rites.

4 - Menna and his wife worship Osiris:

 5 - These scenes depict life in the estate which Menna controlled, there are three rows -

Row 1 - measurment of the land using a rope:

Menna watches the arrival of a boat from another part of his estate, a tax collector checks farmers - guilty ones are beaten:

Row - 2 A chariot waits to take Menna to the fields, a scribe records the amount of grain while Menna stands under a canopy. There are also scenes of the reaping of the wheat, two men carry away the corn which is slung between two poles while two girls fight, pulling each others' hair:

Close up of the two girls fighting 

Row - 3 Scenes of ploughing and sowing of corn, the heads of corn are removed from the flax:

Menna is shown seated while his three daughters shake their sistrums before him.

6 - Furniture and food are shown being carried into the tomb for the use of Menna in the Afterlife. Funeral boats carry Menna's mummy across the river, the funeral procession then moves towards the tomb where an ox is sacrificed. Various goods are shown being carried towards Anubis and Hathor.

The funeral barge

7 - Menna is in the presence of Osiris for the Weighing of the Heart ceremony.

8 - Funeral boats sailing on the Nile

9 - Menna and his family are hunting in the reeds - first fishing in a boat, spearing fish:

Close - up of the fish

And then hunting birds with boomerangs, with the birds being retrieved by a cat and an ichneumon.

10 - Menna and his wife receive offerings

11 - A niche which held statuettes of Menna and his wife, unfortunately smashed (probably by the same person who defaced Menna throughout the tomb in antiquity).