Tomb of Khaemhat - Superintendent of the Granaries (reign of Amenhotep III) - TT57

The tomb of Khaemhat was made when ancient Egypt's art was perhaps at its height, and so the tomb boasts impressive reliefs.





Scenes in the tomb:

The first Chamber

Khaemhat is shown receiving offerings,

three male figures give offerings to the goddess Rennut ('Lady of the Granaries'), who is shown sitting within a shrine nursing an infant.

ships are moored to the Theban quays - these ships are delivering grain which has been grown throughout the land of Egypt - this grain is to be stored in the Royal Granaries.

in a niche in one wall a statue of Khaemhat and his wife was found (although in a very poor state)

Servants bring bulls,

Khaemhat is shown giving a report of Egypt's grain to Amenhotep III

there are some scenes depicting the sowing and reaping of corn.

Khaemhat's chariot

(the driver sleeps, while the groom sits in the shade of a tree)



Khaemhat received gold collars from a grateful Amenhotep III (Year 30)



In the most inner room of the tomb are statues of Khaemhat and his family - although these have been badly damaged over the years.