Tomb of Ramose, Theban tomb number 55, discovered 1860.

Who was Ramose?

He was a vizier of Egypt during the early years of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) - other titles include, "Chief of the Works among the Great Monuments", "Superintendent of the Priests of the North and South", "Master of the Wardrobe", "Master of the Secrets of the Palace", "Head of the Entire Land" . The tomb/chapel of Ramose appears to have been started in the just as the young Amenhotep IV came to power and is unique in showing the two seperate art styles (the traditional and the Amarna style) of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten - see below.

Ramose's tomb was completed for him by his brother, Amenhotep (Steward of the King's Palace at Memphis, Superintendent of the Royal Craftsmen), as Ramose appears to have died without children. The date of his death may be put at roughly the second year of the reign of Amenhotep IV (certainly before the move to Akhetaten as there is not trace of a tomb for Ramose found there).

 Plan of Theban Tomb 55:

1 - Access Ramp

2 - Courtyard

3 - Transverse Room (for notes on decoration see below)

4 - Longitudinal room

5 - Subterranean burial chamber

 Decoration in room 3:

1 - an official of Amen called Khesy and his unnamed wife.

2 - May - Master of the King's Horses, and his wife Urnure a priestess of Mut at Karnak.

3 - Neby the father of Ramose, and Neby's wife - Apuaa.

4 - Ramose's brother - Amenhotep the 'Steward of the King's Palace at Memphis' and 'Master Craftsman' and his wife May.

5 - Ramose and his wife Ptahmeryt

6 - Ramose's brother (Amenhotep once more), his daughter - Ptahmeryt and his wife May

7 - Figures bringing offerings.

8 - Groups of mourners.

9 - wailing women.

10 - Weeping women, and priestesses / funeral dancers.

11 - badly damaged figure of priests beforing the 'Opening of the Mouth' ceremony on the mummy of Ramose.

12 - Ramose and his wife Ptahmery

 13 - Amenhotep IV old style- see below

14 - Ramose coming forth from the Underworld as a spirit

15 - Ramose entering into the Hills of the West (the Underworld)

 16 - Amenhotep IV New style - see below

17 - figures of priests lying flat in front of Amenhotep IV (black outline only)

18 - various people carrying flowers

19 - A representation of the small temple to the Aten built at Karnak by Amenhotep IV



Female mourners from the tomb




The Old and New art style of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) found in the tomb- Traditional V. Amarna

 Amenhotep IV in the traditional style

 and in the new

(in this scene Nefertiti stands behind Amenhotep IV)