Tomb of Nakht - Scribe of the Granaries (reign of Tuthmosis IV) - TT52

One of the better known tombs in the necropolis of the nobles, the paintings in the tomb have lasted well and show various scenes of egyptian life from the period.





Scenes in the tomb:

1 - Nakht and his wife sit before offerings, servants bring more offerings to them, a bull is killed as a sacrifice to them.

A servant brings geese to offer before Nakht.

2 - Scenes of agriculture:






Winnowing the grain (the grain is thrown into the air to let the chaff blow away in the wind, while the wheat falls to the ground)

Cutting the crop, the corn is pressed into nets to be carried away:


 while the land is ploughed, trees are cut down allowing new ground to be claimed for farming:

Production of wine - two men pick the grapes, the juices are then squeezed out of them by men on the left - while a man is filling jars from a tap


3 - Funeral Stela


4 - Funerary feast:





the guests sit on grass mats, women are shown talking to one another (a nude waitress places a collar of flowers around the neck of the guests):

Three female musicians provide the entertainment by playing on the lute and harp:



5 - Nakht hunting birds in the marsh:

Nakht is shown both on the left and the right (his family is also shown twice). On the left he holds a boomerang, on the right he hunts with a spear - the spear was never painted in.

Other scenes in the tomb have been left unfinished, (most probably because Nakht had died).