Tomb of Userhat (High Priest of deified Tuthmosis I, during the reigns of Ramesses I / Seti I) - TT51



 Scenes in the tomb:

1 - Userhat kneels before the 24 judges of the dead who are in turn in front of an enthroned Osiris, Horus and Thoth stand either side of Osiris.

2 - The father of Userhat, Ra-aakhepersenb is shown kneeling while priests pour holy water over him

3 - Userhat kneels before a heap of offerings, Userhat and his family bring offerings to a shrine of Harmachis. (behind the shrine is a goddess of the Underworld called the 'Lover of Silence'):

Userhat before the shrine of Harmachis

4 - Userhat along with his wife and sister sit in paradise in the shade of a fig tree. A goddess from the lake pours them a drink and offers bread, figs, grapes and a honeycomb.

5 - Four funeral scenes:

Userhat along with another man and some wailing women make an offering to seated ghosts of Userhat's father and mother. (This scenes is repeated twice below, in the third repitition a man and a woman make offerings to the ghosts.

6 - Various members of Userhat's family make offerings to Tuthmosis I and Osiris.

7 - Black statue of Tuthmosis I being carried towards a temple.

8 - Scenes showing the Judgment of Userhat's soul

Userhat and his wife and sister in paradise