Tomb of Djeserkaresoneb - TT38 (Steward of the Household of Amenhotepsase - tt75 - who himself was the Second Priest of Amun during the reign of Tuthmosis IV)

Scenes in the tomb:

Djeserkaresoneb along with his wife and son stand before offerings which are then offered to the gods Amen, Harmachis, Osiris and Hathor. Below this scene butchers are shown cutting up the oxen which is then used for the funeral feast.

An adjacent wall shows Djeserkaresoneb is shown amongst various farming scenes - a farmer measures a field with a measuring rope, crops are harvested, the grain winnowed, ploughing scenes - the farmers are also shown briniging offerings to Djeserkaresoneb (Djeserkaresoneb himself makes an offering to the serpent Rennut - the goddess of the harvest).

An opposite wall again depicts Djeserkaresoneb sitting in a bower while his two daughters present him a collar of flowers and a dish of ointment - behind the daughters are jars of wine and dishes with food and ointment. Below these scenes are female musicians and a young dancing girl - beyond this are feasting scenes with the guests waited upon (one guest eats until he is apparently about to be sick!)

Two scenes from the tomb - a musician plays her harp, and two waitresses attend a guest at the feast.