Tomb of Montjuemhat (4th Priest of Amun, Mayor of Thebes) - TT34

25th Dynasty, King Taharqa.

Although Montjuemhat had the lowly title of '4th Priest of Amun' he held considerable power and influence and practicaly controlled Thebes as Mayor - through this position much of Upper Egypt was also in his power.

Montjuemhat was an important builder of temples at Thebes - here he built structures for himself and King Taharqa.

By the time Egypt was invaded by the Assyrians (which ended Taharqa's reign), Montjuemhat was practically independent from his king and was able to reach a separate peace with the invaders.

Montjuemhat was buried in a huge tomb - the sun-court still survives (above). Scenes in the tomb show hunting scenes seen in other tombs of the nobles - but scenes which had not been used since the 19th Dynasty (hunting scenes were first seen in tombs in the Old Kingdom and remained in use until the 19th Dynasty) :

Montjuemhat spearing two fish in the waters of the Nile

Butchers carving oxen.