Tomb of Ipuki and Nebamun (brothers) - (18th Dynasty).

Ipuki and Nebamun were craftsmen-sculptors who worked in the royal necropolis at Thebes. They prepared this tomb for their own burials, by use of their skills this tomb is equally as good as any some of the nobles' tombs which surround it.

Scenes in the tomb:

Scenes show worship of Amenhotep I and Queen Ahmose Nefertiry (mother of Amenhotep I) - patrons of the necropolis at Thebes.

scene on the left, artist's copy of the scene in the tomb (Ipuki's burial), scene on the right as it looks in the tomb itself (Nebamun's burial)

The age difference of the woman mouring between the two burials indicates that there was a matter of years between the two deaths.

  Beam balance, measuring out gold in a goldsmith's workshop

Two more scenes from the goldsmith's workshop