Tomb of Panehsy (Priest of Amenhotep I) - TT16

Scenes in the tomb:

1 - farming scenes - ploughing scenes, a priest making offerings to Panehsy and his wife and a tree goddess giving food and drink to Panehsy (see below).

2 - Panehsy and his wife stand before Osiris. and scenes showing a festival in honour of Amenhotep I (a festival in which Paneshy was involved in a official manner).

3 - Paneshy and his wife make offerings before Amenhotep I, Panehsy and his wife adoring Amenhotep I and Queen Ahmose-Nefertari.

4 - Paneshy makes a libation and sacrifice at the gate and pylons of a temple.

5 - Unfinished funeral scenes (showing Panehsy's funeral bier being dragged towards the tomb).

A scene from the tomb which shows Panehsy and his wife before a table of offerings,

Panehsy is shown again on the left kneeling in front of tree goddess who is giving him food and drink