Tomb of Rekhmire - Vizier of Egypt (reign of Tuthmosis III) - TT100

The tomb reflects Rekhmire's high status in Egypt -the role of Vizier meant that Rekhmire would have been in charge of much of the various day-to-day administration in Egypt (especially as Tuthmosis III spent much time away from Egypt campaigning) - Rekhmire was only required to consult with the King and the Chief Treasurer. The tomb is one of the largest and most decorated tombs from all of the Theban Nobles' tombs.

Although only a simple T-shaped tomb in design - the long chamber at the end of the tomb begins with the ceiling 2.7m (9ft) in height, but rises to 7.6m (25ft) at the rear.

Rekhmire may have died soon after the coronation of Amenhotep II - the successor of Tuthmosis III. (There is no burial shaft in TT100, it is thought that Rekhmire may have actually been buried in the Valley of the Kings)


The tomb is heavily decorated - some of the more notable scenes in the tomb:

1 - Production of wine, showing a wine press (not shown)

2 - Reception of tribute brought to Egypt (cattle, rings of gold, chests of linen etc).

3 - Law court in which Rekhmire acted as judge -

The four mats on the right side of this scene represent the throne, the prisoners are brought forward by the police.

4 - Arrival of tribute from Nubia and Asia -

Nubians bring giraffes, cattle, leopards, baboons, monkeys, elephant tusks, gold and so on (top part of scene shown here)

Asiatics (in long robes in bottom part of scene shown here), bring chariots, vases, jars of wine and other items (all of which were written down by scribes of the vizier before being placed in the Treasury).

5 - various craftsmen at work:

Vessel / Metal workshop

Metal founders smelting ore over an open fire.


6 - Two men fetching water from a square lake which is surrounded on all sides by trees. 


7 - Workmen putting the finishing touches to statues of the king



8 - funeral scenes (the bier being dragged towards the tomb, the boat crossing the Nile towards the necropolis) - not shown

9 - Scene of Rekhmire in the paradise of the Afterlife (sitting by a lake on which a boat sails) - not shown

10 - A feast:

A close-up of the feast scene (indicated by the red box)