The Temple of Edfu took over 180 years, three months and fourteen days in building - started during the reign of Ptolemy Euergetes I.

It resembles the temple at Denderah in many aspects but the condition of the temple and its towers (over 112 feet high) do make it unique. The floor space of the temple measures 450 X 120 feet, the front pylons measure a complete 252 feet.

The first and second halls have 18 and 12 pillars respectively, and two more chambers must be passed before reaching the inner shrine, where a figure of Horus was preserved. The granite naos, in which the statue of Horus, stood was made by Nectanebos I (30th Dynasty).

The pylons are decorated with battle scenes, and the walls inside the temple are covered with the names and sizes of the various chambers in the building, lists of names of places - the name of the architect , Imhetep, has also been inscribed.



Statue of Horus which stands outside the entrance to the temple