The Coffin and mummy of Tayuheret

Chief of the Harim of Amen-Re.

Possibly the wife of Masaharta, General and High Priest of Amun

The mummy had been extensively disturbed by tomb robbers who removed anything of value. However, the body does remain mainly intact - although the mummy has not been completely unwrapped, the face shows the typical mummification 'packing proceedure' of the 21st Dynasty.

Height of the body 1.606 metres.

Tayuheret was found in a set of two coffins and mummy board (again these had been damaged by robbers who stripped off the gilt hands and faces, the head and feet of the coffin board are missing).

The coffins were made from Sycamore, but they were originally made for a Songstress of Amun 'Hatel'

Funerary scenes cover the exterior and interior of both the coffins and coffin board.



first coffin length 2.18 metres

second coffin - length 2.0 metres

coffin board - length: 1.65 metres
  Markings on the mummy wrappings