Smendes II

(High Priest)


The eldest son of Menkhkeperre, and suceeded him as High Priest at Thebes (it is thought that Menkhkeperre had not lived longer than Year 48 of Psusennes I). Evidence of Smendes II comes from the tomb of Psusennes I (who died in his 49th Year) - bracelets in the name of Psusennes I but dedicated by Smendes II.


 Ankle bracelet of Psusennes I

(Gold inlay of lapis-lazuli and cornelian)

diameter ~ 6cm,

This bracelet is one of an identical pair (both were found on the King's mummy).

The decoration of the bracelet is based around the kings name (Aakheperre).

A dedication script is engraved - 'Made by the First Prophet of Amun, Smendes son of Menkheperre'.

For a short while Amenemope and Smendes II held power between them, traces of their names written together have been found on a mummy in Thebes.

Smendes II did not last for long in his position of High Priest and he was soon followed by his brother Pinudjem II (who married both of Smendes II's daughters - Istemkheb E and Nesikhons A).