Smendes I

1069 - 1043



Smendes I moved the capital from Piramese to Tanis.

At the same time that Smendes I was proclaimed king, the office of High Priest of Amun changed for the 2nd time since herihor.

The divison of Egypt does seem to have worek well between the pharaoh and high priest of Amun. However, in Year 16 of Smendes rule, Pinudjem (after claiming no more than his normal priestly titles) suddenly executed several monuments showing himself in full pharaonic regalia. In this period one monument shows him back in his normal priestly garb (it is thought that this could mean some hesidancy on the part of Pinudjem), but from Year 16 onwards his found bearing the full titles of a pharaoh. (although Herihor had used kingly titles it was always within the temple boundaries and were never referred to by his descendents - while his prenomen simple means 'High Priest of Amun' - Pinudjem, however, used a proper prenomen. Only in the dating of the reign of Smendes I did he show a slight unwillingness to fully flaut Smendes authority.

Smendes died in Year 26 of his reign and was buried at Tanis.


More Information about this period comes from 'The Report of Wenamun'.