Shoshenq V


The son of Pimay, Sheshonq V came to throne sharing the power of Egypt with Osorkon III (of the 23rd Dynasty - who ruled in Leontopolitan) - Osorkon III had been 'co-ruling pharaoh' for about a decade by this point.

Although not in direct conflict with the 23rd Dynasty, power struggles amongst that dynasty was weakening Sheshonq's sphere of influence, by the time Shoshenq V's son (Osorkon IV) would come to the throne the pharaoh would rule little more than the territories of Bubastis and Tanis (Sheshonq V would die in Year 37 of his reign).

In Year 11 of Sheshonq V's reign, the Apis Bull inaugurated by Pimay died and was buried at the Serapeum - five stelae marking this event have been found, none of which were donated by the present High Priest of Amun at the time (still thought to have been Harsiese). A new bull was found and installed in Memphis and would live until Year 37 of Sheshonq V's reign - once more many stelae marking this death have been found most of which were from the lesser clergy of Ptah.

Building works of Sheshonq V

At Tanis, Sheshonq V did build a temple to Amun, Mut and Khons - which only survives through fragments of the walls and colonnades.

Outside Tanis there is not much evidence of any building projects completed by Sheshonq V - some fragments fom Tell el Yahudiyeh, and a stela at the Bahriya Oasis. Some scarabs from Palestine may or may not belong to him: