The mummy and Coffin of Ramesses II

Although the mummy had received rough treatment from the tomb robbers, the mummy is well preserved. The greater part of the body is still wrapped in resin-soaked linen bandages (the limbs are mainly skin and bones, but the face is better).

X-Rays have shown that Ramesses must have suffered severe dental problems during his later years. He also suffered with severe degenerative arthritis of the hip joint and arteriosclerosis of the lower legs (causing poor circulation and making movement painful).

Ramesses II died in his 80's.

Height of the body 1.733 metres


Although Ramesses II was found in a splendid cedar wood coffin, this was not part of his original burial equipment. The coffin was originally made for a pharaoh dating to the late 18th / early 19th dynasty - the most favoured pharaoh being Horemheb. Any original traces of gold have disappeared, the wood is now bare with faint traces of yellow and black paint.



Length of the coffin:2.06 metres

Hieratic note on the mummy wrappings