Psusennes II

959 - 945 B.C.



Was there a Psusennes II ?

Like the majority of this period there is confusion over whether or not there was indeed a Psusennes 'II'. The High priest Psusennes III and Psusennes II may be the same person, this perhaps may be summarised as:

1) Psusennes II was the son and heir of Siamun (Psusennes II and Psusennes III were two different people)


2) Siamun died without leaving an heir - a breach which the High Priest Psusennes III filled (Psusennes II and Psusennes III were the same person).

Psusennes II (whatever his family connections!) was to rule for 14 years as Tyetkeperure Setepenre Har-Psusennes (II).


The works of Psusennes II

Unfortunately almost nothing survives of any works carried out by the king, no building work or even temple decoration has been found. The only exceptions being a graffito in the Great Temple of Seti I at Abydos, graffito on a pot from the archaic cemetary at Abydos, an usurped statue of Tuthmosis III at Karnak (restored by his successor).


After Psusennes II - end of the 21st Dynasty

Psusennes II left no heir, his daughter - Maatkare B - married Osorkon (later Osorkon I) the son of Sheshonq B - who on the death of Psusennes II became the first pharaoh of the 22nd Dynasty - Sheshonq I

bead of Psusennes II