Other contents belonging to Psusennes I



Psusennes I - Overseer 14.3 cm (worker 13.5 cm). The ushabtis in Psusennes tomb were found in two very even piles. They had been placed into two wooden cases which had completely decayed over time without disturbing the order of the ushabtis inside. Records made at the time give the numbers found:

northern pile - 23 overseers and 154 workers.

Southern pile - 21 overseers and 171 workers.

Another worker was added to this total at a later date making a total of 370 figures, which is very close to the theoretical total of 401.

A column of text of the lioncloth of the overseers praises: 'Osiris King Psusennes-beloved-of-Amun, beloved-of-Osiris lord of eternity'.

The workers hold pairs of hoes and recite an extract from the Book of the Dead.


 Ritual Brazier of Ramesses II

Height 24cm, length 33.5 cm

Made originally for the Sed festival of Ramesses II, at that time it may also have been used to sacrifice small offerings or burn fragrant resins.

In Psusennes I tomb it was used as the base for the large libation stand.

 Libation vessel with spout of Psusennes-beloved-of-Amun

Height 12.3 cm

Used in the various purification rites, as well as for water libations

The framed inscription reads - 'The Osiris King, Lord of the Two Lands, Aakheperre-chosen-of-Amun, the Son of Re, Lord of Crowns, Psusennes-beloved-of-Amun, beloved of Osiris, Foremost-of-the-Westerners'.



 Plaque placed on the mummy's embalming incision

Length 16.6 cm, width 9.9cm, thickness 0.07cm

The eyelet in each corner of the plaque was so that it could be sewn onto the mummy's bandaging. The gods are the four gods of the viscera - Imsety, Hapi, Duamutef and Qebehsenuf, they pray to the eye 'on behalf of the Osiris King Psusennes-beloved-of-Amun'.

 Gadrooned pot of Psusennes,

Height 7.7cm

Found on the floor of Psusennes I's burial chamber. Four cartouches are side by side on the neck which read (left to right):

The Adoratress of Hathor Henuttawy

Mother Divine of Khonsu

Aakheperre chosen of Amun

Psusennes beloved of Amun



 Pylon shaped pectoral of Psusennes

Gold inlaid with cornelian, lapis-lazuli, feldspar, red jasper.

The scarab beetle has the name of Psusennes engraved on its flat back, as well as between its two golden wings.

The goddess on the right - 'Isis the Great, the divine mother, mistress of the west' (on the reverse side a slightly different text - 'Isis the Great, the divine mother, mistress of the place of embalming').

The goddess on the left - Nephthys proclaims that 'We have come to be your protection'.


Bracelet of Psusennes decorated with a Wedjat

Outer diameter - 12.2cm, width 3.5 cm

Made from a single piece of gold, the bracelet has two inscriptions - one on the outside and one on the inner.

'Long live the good god with the fearsome arm, and heart as brave as Montu's was in his time, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt Aakheperre-Setepenamun endowed with life like Re eternally'.

'The King of Upper and Lower Egypt lord of the Two Lands, lord of courage, first Prophet of Amun-Re-King-of-the-Gods, Psusennes-beloved-of-Amun endowed with life'.

 Ring with lozenges of King Psusennes

width 1.6 cm, diameter 2.2cm

One of the 36 rings found on the mummy of Psusennes, found on the mummy's thumb - the inscriptions are of Psusennes' prenomen.


 Finger and toe stalls of Psusennes' right hand and right foot.