Pinudjem II

(High Priest)



Pinudjem II became High Priest at Thebes after his brother, Smendes II, died - Pinudjem II then married his brother's two daughters Istemkheb E (may instead be Pinudjem II's sister) and Nesikhons A. (The titles of Istemkheb E include :Leading Lady and First Chief of the Harim of Amenresonter, prophetess of Mut and Khons and God's Mother of Khons-the-Child. Steward of Mut, Steward of Khons. Titles outside Thebes include: Prophetess of Amun of Iu-rud (16th Upper Egypt nome), prophetess of Hathor of Cusae, prophetess of Horus of Djufy, prophetess of Min, prophetess of Horus and Isis in Akhmim, prophetess of Osiris, prophetess of Horus and Isis in Abydos, prophetess of Onuris-Shu in Thinis).

(The titles of Neiskhons A include : First Chief of the Harim of Amun, prophetess of Nebet-hetepet, lady of Sered, prophetess of Khnum lord of the First Cataract, prophetess of Amun of Khnem-Waset in Western Thebes, Superintendent of Southern Foreign Lands, Viceroy of Nubia).

The daughters of Pinudjem II also listed several titles (prophetess of the deities in Iu-rud, Akhmim, Abydos, Thinis and El-Kab (inherited from her step-mother Istemkheb D), to these were added Pakhet lady of Sro, Anty of Hieracon).

Nothing, however, is known of the sons of Pinudjem II except their names and the possibility that the eldest, Psusennes (III) succeeded his father.

   tablet of Nesikhons, showing her worshipping Osiris.

Pinudjem II came to power during the short reign of Amenemope, in Thebes burials have been found which list the names of Amenemope as pharaoh and Pinudjem II as the High Priest of Amun.

After the death of Amenemope, Pinudjem II continued as High Priest under Osorkon (the elder), some inscriptions which date to Years 1 to 7 of Pinudjem II's time in office have been found which may date to this period but it cannot stated for sure.

In Year 10 of Siamun, Pinudjem II died and was buried in his tomb DB320 (the final resting place for the royal cache, which also included the burial of his wifes, and his daughter Nestanebtishru).

The Scandal of Tuthmose, son of Su-awy-Amun

On pylon X of Horemheb at Karnak is an inscription dating from the time of Pinudjem II - it details charges of fraud of Tuthmose, a granary archivist. When Pinudjem II came to attend the procession of barques of Amun, Mut and Khonsu he found that the processions had been interrupted owing to the frauds of the officials. Pinudjem II then placed two documents before Amun - one document asserting the guilt of Tuthmose (divine father of Amun, son of Su-awy-Amun), the second document stating Tuthmose's innocence, the god Amun points to the document stating that Tuthmosis is innocent of the charges. Further inquiries were made by Pinudjem II in the following years, each time Amun was asked if he forgave the required death of Tuthmosis and confiscation of all his goods - each time the god Amun gave Tuthmosis the favourable answer. In the 5th Year Pinudjem II asked the question if Tuthmosis should be re-instated in all his offices, and once again the god gave the favourable answer.