The Coffin of Ahotep I /Pinudjem I

 The huge coffin of Queen Ahotep was found to contain the coffin of Pinudjem I (the mummy of Ahotep had been found in 1859 in a small tomb near the entrance to the Valley of the Kings).

However, there is general confusion over the actual mummy of Pinudjem I - original documentation at the time of the discovery recorded the mummy of Pinudjem I was found inside the coffin of Ahotep I, but there is no identifiable mummy / photograph of Pinudjem I at the present time (the mummy must have disappeared immediately after the discovery as even by the time of the publication of the Official Catalogue there was no mention of Pinudjem I's mummy).


  Length of the coffin:3.12 metres

Pinudjem's Book of the Dead