Osorkon IV


The last king of the 22nd Dynasty - his power had declined greatly compared with the pharaohs who opened this dynasty - his power was limited to the territories around the cities of Bubastis and Tanis (other areas of Egypt were controlled by the kings of the 23rd Dynasty, various Libyan chiefs - and others...).

Osorkon IV continued to rule in his small part of Egypt for 15 years (730 - 715BC), a few years after he came to his throne another dynasty started in Egypt - that of the 24th Dynasty (however this dynasty was to last for only two kings - Tefnakht and Bakenranef - and like the 22nd Dynasty also came to an end in 715BC).

Osorkon IV and Assyria - the end of the dynasty

In 726 / 725 BC Osorkon IV had to face the first of a renewed threat from Assyria but due to his lack of resources he was unable to send an army (to Palestine), but the Assyrians were not to invade Egyptian provinces at this time. However in 720 BC the threat was more real, and this time Osorkon IV did send a force with and army commander to assist Hanun, King of Gaza. The joint Palestine / Egyptian force was no match for the Assyrians - the Egyptians retreated to back to their country, and Assyria looted and sacked their conquests.

In 716 BC Assyria struck towards Egypt herself, when Saragon II (Assyrian king) was some 120 miles from Tanis Osorkon IV found it prudent to offer tribute to this dangerous enemy - twelve large horses.

After this, in 715BC all mention of Osorkon IV dissappears and with him the 22nd Dynasty.

Following the fall of the Egyptians to the Assyrians the Ethopians from the land of Kush march north to claim Egypt as their own (for a short time)....