The Coffin and mummy of Nodjmet

Wife of the High Priest Herihor.


Modern-day robbers had damaged her mummy (at least one item was stolen - a papyrus), when unwrapped more damaged was revealed dating to ancient times (the wrists were broken and the legs badly damaged).

As was standard mummification proceedure for this period, the face and body have been packed to keep a life-like appearance which over time has left the face looking quite plump.

The age of Nodjmet at death is thought to have been between thirty and thirty-five.

Height of the body 1.548 metres.

Nodjmet was found in a set of two coffins (cedar wood with a sycamore face) that were originally made for a male burial.

The outer coffin has been very badly damaged by tomb robbers - all gilded surfaces have been hacked away, leaving almost none of the original decoration.

The second coffin, like the first, suffered from tomb robbers - the gilded areas have been hacked away, but the remaining funerary scenes still remain.

The tomb of her husband, Herihor, and his mummy have yet to be found.



first coffin length 2.08 metres

second coffin - length 1.88 metres





Book of the Dead showing both Nodjmet and Herihor