The Coffin and mummy of Nestanebtishru

Who was Nestanebtishru, Excellent spirit of Re?

A priestess of Amun - daughter of Pinudjem II, wife of Djedptahiufankh


Her mummy, like that of Neskhons, shows a skilful mummification proceedure - careful packing of her body has left a life-like appearance.

Height of the body: 1.620 metres


Unfortunately the two coffins which held Nestanebtishru have lasted badly - a bituminous paint coated the first and second coffins which has covered almost all of the painted scenes on the first although some detail is still visible on the second.


Text of Year 13 and name of her mother on mummy-cloth.






first coffin: length - 2.1 metres

second coffin : length - 1.94 metres

coffin board : length - 1.56 metres.

A scene from the Book of the Dead belonging to Nestanebtishru