Queen Nefertiti


 18th Dynasty

A little fun!
By use of a computer and a little time and effort, it is possible to see how the famous bust of Nefertiti may have looked originally, before the sands of time had their way:

Quite a dramatic change! - firstly the repair of the left eye, then eyebrows, nose, mouth and skin smoothed, next to rebuild the ears (the most difficult), and finally the crown - the uraeus has been left alone (too false when I tried).

If anybody is interested in a higher resolution version then you can email me for a copy - please note the restored version is copyright Ian Bolton 2000 - if you want to use it please write and also link back to my site (I would be interested to see where it would be used! :)

Software used - Adobe photoshop 5.5, hair pulled out originally brown but now greying due to stress! Several swear words used, etc etc etc