2283 - 2278 BC



Merenre was the son of Pepi I, but only lived to rule for a few short years (some sources give 5 years, some give as much as 9 years). Very little is known from this short reign - Pepi I and Merenre possibly shared a co-regency for a time.

On the death of Merenre, the throne passed to his half-brother Pepi II who was to reign for the longest period in the history of ancient Egypt.


 The Pyramid of Merenre

('Merenre shines with beauty')

Original Height - 52.5 m

Length of Side - 78.5m

The pyramid of Merenre, like that of Pepi I has not lasted well over the centuries - the substructure of the pyramid is very similar to Pepi I's - it is thought even down to the arrangement of the Pyramid texts around the burial chamber.

The pyramid is entered via a passage on the north side - this passage then leads into the burial chamber.

Chambers within the Pyramid

 A - Entrance  E - Second Corridor
B - First Corridor  F - Antechamber
 C - Vestibule  G - Burial Hall
 D - Granite Slabs H - Sarcophagus

  Given the poor condition of the rest of the pyramid - including the burial chamber itself -amazingly the black basalt sarcophagus still remains in good condition (along with the canopic chest). The sarcophagus also still contained a mummy, although it is not thought that this mummy is that of Merenre - the style of mummification dates it to the 18th Dynasty, and is therefore thought to be a later intrusion into the pyramid (however the mummy has yet to be studied fully - it may still be that of Merenre).