(High Priest)


In Year 25 of Smendes I, Menkheperre was summoned to Thebes by Amun himself to 'supress his foe' - there was possibly some uprising at this time, some local opposition, this was swiftly stopped and the leaders sent in exile to the Western Oases - 'The Banishment Stela of Menkheperre'. These people were later recalled a few years during the reign of Amenenmnisu. (After meeting with an oracle during the procession of Amun, Menkheperre).

At Thebes Menkheperre carried outa variety of building works both in and around the great temples (although this work was carried out in the later years of Psusennes and himself.
Menkheperre died around Year 48 Psusennes I, and was succeeded by his eldest son Smendes II.

The Family of Menkheperre
His Wife - Istemkheb C, neither Menkheperre or his wife's tomb have yet been found.
Mother -Henttawy A (buried in the Theban hills.
Daughter - the Lady Henttawy C (possibly the wife of Smendes II)
Daughter - Istemkheb D (wife of Pinudjem II)
Daughter - Gautsoshen (married to Tjanefer 4th \ 3rd Prophet of Amun)
Daughter - Merytamun
Son - Smendes II (eldest son)
Son - Pinudjem II
Son - Pinudjem (district officer and army leader)