High Priest


 The eldest son of Pinudjem I, but died before his father.

In Year 16 of Smendes I, Pinudjem had appointed a new High Priest to Amun - Masaharta ('High Priest of Amun, son of King Pinudjem I'). Following this Pinudjem I then effectively became a full pharaoh for the final years of the reign of Smendes I, the short reign of Amenemnisu and also for the opening years of Psusennes I.

Masaharta did not last to succeed his father, he died possibly after an illness. His mummy shows that his was a very large man, he did build a set of sphinxes at the Great Temple of Karnak. He seems he died around Year 24, he spent under 10 years in his role as priest and army commander.

Masaharta is also found in adoration of Amen on the outsiden of a small temple of Amenhotep II at Karnak. He is also named as renewing the mummy of Amenhotep I under his father Pinudjem in the 16th Year.